MVP Academy 2: Program in Review


The last 2 months have been nothing but intense for both ourselves, and the MVP Academy Class of 2015. We’ve been working together to help our amazing finalists take their products to the next level and we couldn’t be more proud of the results. Our teams worked a ton and sacrificed a lot to deliver fast and well and we’re now happy to see that we managed to turn what otherwise would have been 5-6 months of work into 7 weeks of intensive learning that helped our startups grow and develop sound businesses. (see more)

Technologies for Building your MVP Fast & Cheap


We’ve talked a lot lately about finance & funding, customer discovery & validation, marketing, sales, and many other things that you may find useful when building a tech product with global potential. Before getting to these, however, you’ve got to have the MVP ready and you’ve got to consider the technologies to use here. This is why we’ve asked Francisc Boicu, Developer, Green Horse Games, to share with us his expertise in this process.

In this guest blog post, we’re going to explore the most common and fast technologies that could help you build the first version of your product in as little as a couple of days. Needless to say, our special thanks go to Francisc for taking the time to put all this valuable information together in a story that’s useful for both developers and product managers out there. So here are 8 simple steps to follow should you like to build an MVP for your web app in a matter of days. (see more)

MVP Academy Demo Day – Class of 2015


Here we are, getting closer to Demo Day, event that marks the end of the second edition of MVP Academy, our community driven pre-acceleration program. For the past 7 weeks, the 13 startups in our Class of 2015 put their full time dedication and experience to take their products to the next level and develop their businesses. They’ve worked a ton and sacrificed a lot to deliver fast and well, and we couldn’t be more proud.

It’s now time for them to take the stage during Demo Day to pitch their products and showcase their progress and we’re very excited to share with you the results of two months of hard work. We’ve invited in the audience some of the most important figures in the tech ecosystem, from investors to entrepreneurs, media and professionals, and we’ve also opened a couple of places for the local community, so we’d love have you onboard.

Join us this Friday, May 15th, for MVP Academy Demo Day to meet our startups, connect with relevant people in the ecosystem and spend a great evening with the regional tech community. Remember that we only have a couple of free community tickets available, so hurry up and book yours here to save your place! (see more)

Mark Tolmacs, Ustream: Lessons learnt while working with distributed teams to serve the global market

How to Web (10)

Working on products targeting a market with language, expectations and culture different from your own is challenging. Doing so while working with distributed teams is even more so. Ustream, a Silicon Valley video startup, faced this issue from the very beginning: with engineering and product management located in Budapest, Hungary, the company quickly needed to figure out a solution in order to remain competitive in a fast paced market. Mark Tolmacs, product manager of the company, took the stage at How to Web Conference 2014 – Product Track to talk about the framework they came up with in order to overcome these challenges and the lessons they learnt along the way.

Mark is based in Budapest, Hungary, and he currently spends most of his work hours driving Ustream’s yet-to-be announced new product. He previously managed Ustream’s paid products and analytics services for more than 3 years and he’s a social and behavioral psychology enthusiast. In his free time, he loves meeting new people and applying his product knowledge to turn great ideas into exceptional products. (see more)

MVP Academy finalist SafeDrive wins gold at Edison Awards


We’ve told you before that we’ve set our expectations high for the 13 startups that are now part of MVP Academy Class of 2015 and we’re happy to see that they live up to these expectations and achieve great results. And we’ve got some exceptional news to share with you: SafeDrive, one of our finalists, has recently received a Gold Edison Award in the Lifestyle and Social Impact category, during the ceremony that took place last week in New York City.

SafeDrive is a mobile app that awards points to the drivers that do not text while driving. Once a driver exceeds 10 km/h, the SafeDrive algorithm starts awarding him points, and the “Release” button appears on the screen, helping him drive safely, without distractions.

If the user ever wants to use his phone while driving, he has to press the “Release” button and this action will result in losing the points he earned during that trip. Once he arrives at the destination, the points will top up in his account and can be further spent in the SafeDrive Marketplace, an ever-growing shop with discounted products from partner companies. (see more)

Financing your startup: the equity crowdfunding way


At the intersection of crowdfunding and VC financing, equity crowdfunding helps startups raise money from crowds of investors or believers. What are the current best practices? What type of investments should you expect? Is your product right for equity crowdfunding? 

We’ve explored the answers to these questions and many others last November on the main stage of How to Web Conference with Sean Kane (Co-Founder & CEO, F6S), Ricardo Sequerra (Startup Community Builder, Seedrs), and Dilyan Dimitrov (Founder, Eleven Acceleration Venture Fund), in a panel moderated by our friend Alex Barrera, Co-Founder & Contributing Editor, (see more)