MVP Academy Class of 2015: Squady


Have you ever searched for interesting stuff happening around you or activities that you might want to join? Then Squady might be exactly what you’re looking for: an app that helps you discover things to do near your location or in a city you are travelling to, based on your friends’ activities or the activities of people nearby.

The Co-Founders of Squady came up with the idea of the product when they wanted to gather some of their friends for a movie night, but couldn’t reach them. It’s then when they realized that an app or platform where people could just find other people to hang out with would solve this problem. With the huge growth of apps like Tinder, they immediately saw the market potential and proceeded to building the product. Later on, Squady was accepted in the second batch of MVP Academy, pre-acceleration program for early stage tech startups, and, after lots of struggles, understood the steps they have to take for building a product that has at its core the needs of its users. (see more)

CyberGhost VPN offers 100.000€ to security startups through the Privacy Accelerator Program

CyberGhost Accelerator

Today we’ve got some great news for the security startups out there! Our friends from CyberGhost VPN, the creators of the most advanced encryption, privacy and security solutions, have recently announced the launch of their Privacy Accelerator Program, the first accelerator to exclusively support ideas and products that address the need for privacy, security and freedom on the internet. And they’re looking for you!

Early stage startup looking for investment, mentorship & support? The CyberGhost Privacy Accelerator program will help you develop ideas and products, offer you guidance in your go-to-market strategy and support you to bring customers on board faster. (see more)

MVP Academy Class of 2015: Seeds

Seeds_Demo Day 1

Businesses generally face lots of bureaucracy when handling the complex processes involved in customer interactions. The founders of Seeds, part of MVP Academy Class of 2015, identified this problem and decided to build the solution: a platform that enables users to create, to distribute, and to analyze advanced surveys for any industry.

They came up with the idea of the product when talking to businesses operating in the industries now targeted by Seeds, and thus understood that they face a real problem with streamlining bureaucracy. Once they got the problem narrowed down, they proceeded to building the product, now fully functional and with its first paying users onboard. (see more)

MVP Academy Class of 2015: SafeDrive

SafeDrive Demo Day 2

Texting while driving kills more people worldwide than drunk drivers and 1 in 4 car accidents is caused by phone distractions. MVP Academy finalist SafeDrive aims to solve this problem through their app that rewards drivers for not using their phone while driving. The points that drivers get can be further on converted in discount vouchers from partner companies.

The app creates a win-win situation for all the parties involved: drivers get home safe and have the possibility to acquire discounted products, partners drive sales and develop their CSR strategies, while SafeDrive gets a cut from the interaction between the driver and the partner. (see more)

Outsourcing won’t teach you how to build a startup

Digital Map

Lots of Eastern European startups have their roots in outsourcing companies, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs in services starts making the shift to product. This trend is encouraging and points to the fact that the region is heading towards being innovation-driven and product-oriented. However, there are a couple of challenges that come along with this, mainly because outsourcing won’t teach you how to build a successful product. This guest blog post written by Alexandra Anghel, Co-Founder & CTO, Appticles presents the reasons why this is so.

I went to a workshop a few weeks ago, called “Code Quality – Unit Tests”. What I have seen there confirmed what I already believed – that working in outsourcing won’t teach you how to build your own product. (see more)

MVP Academy Class of 2015: myDog

myDog Demo Day

Dan is the proud owner of a 4-years old Amstaff called Sawyer. Over the past 4 years, he understood that he has to invest time and effort to cater to his dog’s needs, one of them being to play with other compatible dogs to drain his energy out. This is how he came up with the idea of myDog, a platform that helps dog owners easily interconnect to make their dogs happier and healthier by giving them more opportunities to play with other compatible dogs.

“Last year I tried to find a compatible playmate for Sawyer and this is when I discovered that there are few options available, and none of them well established. After a couple of months of market research, I’ve decided to start building myDog”, explains Dan.

(see more)