Metrics, Metrics: Measure to optimize

You can only manage what you can measure. You’ve probably heard this old saying before, and it is widely applicable when it comes to product management. You need to choose the right metrics to look at and have a good understanding of them in order to be able to optimize every single stage of your product development process. This is what the MVP Academy Batch of 2016 learnt this week in a workshop delivered by Bogdan Ripa, Director of Product at Vector Watch & MVP Academy Coach.

Entrepreneur at heart, Bogdan has Co-Founded his first startup when he was only 21 years old. He started by doing outsourcing work (consultancy for websites, web apps, ERP systems, analytics tools), but he got bored by doing repetitive things and decided to make a shift and start building his own products. 6 years later, the company he Co-Founded was bought by Adobe Romania, where he worked in engineering and product management until last year. Bogdan is an experienced product manager that enjoys creating products to help people deliver excellent online experiences for their customers. He is now Director of Product for Vector Watch, while offering hands-on product support to the startups that are currently accelerated in MVP Academy Batch of 2016.

Startup Case Study: uberVU – from idea to exit & beyond

If you’ve started working on your tech startup, you’re probably aware by now that the road ahead is paved with lots of challenges. Talking with people that embarked on this journey and built successful businesses at global scale might help you overcome your struggles faster and find better solutions to the problems you’re facing. This is why we are grateful that Vladimir Oane, Co-Founder of uberVU, accepted our invitation to share the lessons learnt along his entrepreneurial journey with the MVP Academy Batch of 2016. 

Back in 2008, Vladimir Co-Founded uberVU, one of the first all-in-one social media services in the world highlighting insights from billions of conversations happening on many social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc). They won Seedcamp in 2008, rapidly turned into the service of choice for thousands of customers around the world, closed two financing rounds and were acquired by Hootsuite in January 2014.

Meet the MVP Academy Batch of 2016

Today we proudly present you the MVP Academy Batch of 2016: for the next two months 17 startups with global potential will be accelerated at TechHub Bucharest and will get all the support they need to build successful products and businesses at global scale.

Selecting the best and brightest startups from many quality applicants wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. That’s why our special thanks go to our experienced jury who took the time to carefully evaluate the applications and make sure THE most promising teams make it into the program: Robert Knapp (Co-Founder & CEO, CyberGhost); Cosmin Ochișor (Business Development Manager, hub:raum); Mihai Sfințescu (private equity/venture capital investor); Carmen Sebe (angel investor) and Bogdan Iordache (Managing Director, MVP Academy).

Key insights to help you build better products & businesses | Free eBook

An important pillar of MVP Academy accelerator is know-how: startups have access to educational resources that fir their development needs. Experienced tech professionals delivered workshops during the first two editions of the program and helped startups build better products and businesses. This is why we’ve decided to put together this valuable know-how in our first eBook: MVP Academy Program Insights! 

If you’re a tech startup founder, you’re working on a tech product with global potential or you’re exploring your options to start a tech business, the MVP Academy Program Insights eBook might come in handy. It provides actionable advice that you can apply starting today, as well as lots of best practices shared by successful entrepreneurs and experienced professionals in the tech industry. All these to help you grow your business faster and find better solutions to the challenges you encounter along your journey.

Lessons learnt from failure: from to Bunch

An interesting product does not necessarily translate into a viable business. This is a common mistake first-time entrepreneurs make: they invest a lot of time and energy in building a nice-to-have product that eventually fails. Back in 2014, monitored all your social media activity, stored your interests and turned them into actionable items. They were part of the first batch of MVP Academy and seemed to have promising perspectives ahead.  

And still… a couple of months after graduating the program they closed doors. How and why did this happen and why did they decide to start again with Bunch, an event networking app? Andrei Diaconu, Co-Founder of Bunch, kindly accepted our invitation to share their experience and the lessons learnt along this journey.

Top-notch investors, entrepreneurs and professionals join MVP Academy. Will you?

With few days left to submit your application for MVP Academy, it’s now time to take a look at the activities we’ve lined up for you, as well as the mentors you’ll work with throughout the accelerator. Today we’re pleased to announce you that active investors, top-notch entrepreneurs and experienced professionals will join the program to help you take your product to the next level and build a sound business. Are you a tech founder working on a product with global potential? Then read on!

MVP Academy kicks off on April 11th, and for the next 2 months, we’ll take you out of your comfort zone and bring you into the startup world at TechHub Bucharest! It’s here where you’ll get lots of learning and work done, while building valuable connections with relevant people in the regional tech industry. No bullshit, just hard work!

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