Tap into the power of the crowd. Case Study: EyeEm


Community building and money making can fit together when you’re mainly looking to provide value for your users, instead of trying to monetize them. And EyeEm, today the world’s premier mobile community and marketplace for a new generation of photographers, is a great example on how to tap into the power of the crowd.

Being present in 150 countries all around the globe, the EyeEm community now has more than 10 million photographers on 7 continents, using the 21 localized versions of the app for iOS and Android. Its’ purpose? “To enable the new generation of photographers to connect, but also publish and sell their images”, as Florian Meissner, CEO & Co-Founder of EyeEm explains.

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How to Web MVP Academy 1st Batch: 6 Months Later…

MVP Academy teams

6 months have passed since the first batch of teams has officially graduated How to Web MVP Academy, the pre-acceleration program we’ve been running last summer at TechHub Bucharest. It all ended with the Demo Day, when the teams pitched their products & progress in front of the audience. It’s time to look at what they’ve been doing for the past couple of months and we’re happy to present you their evolution (and, for the record, very proud of what they did so far).

In a nutshell, out of the 14 pre-accelerated startups that were part of the first batch, 4 are being accelerated or have been accepted to well-known international accelerators, while 5 have raised 207.000 EUR total funding from international investors. And there’s more than this to add to the story: a couple of the teams have already started discussions with potential investors for the second round of financing, while most of them are still active and have registered significant progress with their products and teams.

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Bucharest, the little stone in Uber’s way


When Rob Khazzam, International Launcher at Uber took the stage at How to Web Conference 2014, the question on everybody’s lips was “when?” Uber, one of the most, if not the most disruptive tech company at this time, launched its services in Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria at the end of last year. But their highly anticipated entrance on the Romanian market may not be that simple…

Much of the talks of the How to Web Conference’s Transportation 2.0 panel revolved around the global versus local taxi app services and the future of transportation, with Mihai Rotaru, CEO of Clever Taxi opposing Rob Khazzam and Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Programme Manager at Cognicity as an industry analyst. (see more)

HTW 2014 Videos: Jason Della Rocca – Fail to Succeed. Fearless Innovation


A well-known figure in the game development world, Jason Della Rocca has led the International Game Developers Association as Executive Director from 2000 to 2009. He is currently the Co-Founder of Execution Labs, a first-of-its kind accelerator and investment platform for independent game developers.

In his keynote at How to Web Conference 2014, Jason makes a strong case supporting the idea that iterative failure is a must-go-through experience towards success.

Especially in a hit-based industry like gaming (where, with each game you create, you either make it big or fail), but also true for most innovative companies out there, working your way through experiments that go badly, and learning from them, is the only way to strive for success.

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How to Web 2014 Videos & Presentations Now Available

Screenshot 2015-01-20 13.33.26

Today we’re happy to share with you the How to Web Conference 2014 videos and presentations. They are now out, readily available for you to review on our YouTube Channel and SlideShare account.

Last year’s conference had a more complex format and 4 distinct tracks to better fit your specific interests and needs. This means that there’s even more quality, specialized content for you. To ease your browsing throughout the videos, we’ve organized them in a couple of playlists:

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A glance at 2015 in tech: The Internet of Everything arises, accelerators’ market matures, angel investors syndicate


Eyeing the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the opening tech event of every year, we can already see some trends setting opportunities for startups and investments in 2015.

Usually a huge stage where tech giants are showcasing “en fanfare” what they would like to see as the year’s trends (and often is not – remember the 3D TV flop) the CES 2015 edition was a little bit different…

A lot of small startups are catching up with the Internet of Things (IoT) mega-trend which Gartner already placed at the peak of inflated expectations on its „Hype Cycle”. Most of these startups were showcasing wearables at last week’s show, be they watches, wristbands, sensors or low-power wireless devices, but all confirming that 2015 will also be about hardware in a large extent. (see more)