Teodor Ceausu, IXIA: „With our products we are all selling time, actually”

teo ceausu ixia startup spotlight 2014

To what extent can startups influence the culture of the corporations they work with? How much can a corporation benefit from the entrepreneurial and startup culture? And vice-versa, what can a startup learn from a corporate culture?

To find out we sat with Teodor Ceausu, one of the early Romanian tech entrepreneurs who started his company, G3 Nova, in the early ‘90, acquired by IXIA in 2004. He stayed on within the company and became the local branch’s General Manager in May 2012. (see more)

Alex Barrera, “Storytelling becomes one of the most powerful allies in any innovation push”

Storytelling alex barrera

To make the most of a fundraising campaign your product needs to tell a compelling story in the first place. Think of Clang’s pitch on Kickstarter or Canary’s campaign on Indiegogo or even Pebble’s – what makes them succesful? Sometimes is not so much the product but the storyteller’s talent.

Storytelling is part of human civilization since the beginnings. Is the way we pass on knowledge through generations or simply to one another. So why not use it to sell products, set up marketing campaigns or even pass knowledge inside and outside organizations the same way?

To better understand the concept of storytelling with its subtleties we grab aside the Spaniard Alex Barrera, co-founder and Chief WOWness Officer at, co-founder and editor and one of the moderators of How to Web Conference 2014 and juror at Startup Spotlight as well. (see more)

Simon Jenner, Oxygen: “Many accelerators will become VCs with their own funds over the next couple of years”

simon jenner oxygen

We’ve talked here recently about the relationship between angels and accelerators. It’s a hot topic that we addressed also at How to Web Conference 2014 on the Angel Investment track ‘Working with Accelerators’ panel with Mike Doherty (moderator), Lyuben Belov, Simon Jenner and Marc Wesselink.

Simon Jenner started his career working for British Telecom’s R&D division, and built his experience working for large enterprises, but his entrepreneurial drive motivated him to found 4 startups and act as Head of Incubation at Birmingham Science Park, where he incubated 50+ tech startups in 36 months.

Now he is an innovative director, helping maximise profitability and efficiency for the startups in Oxygen Accelerator. At How to Web 2014 Simon announced that  Oxygen Accelerator teamed up with Fielder Capital to create a program dedicated exclusively to startups in the CEE & Baltics. (see more)

Alina Cazacu, Telekom: “Telecoms are expanding their scope outside of pure communication”

alina cazacu telekom romania

Internet of things, wearables, machine-to-machine communications, mobile apps and Over-The-Top players (services like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Skype that are making revenues using carrier networks for free) are already changing the telecommunication landscape – rates are flattening, data consumption is skyrocketing, content becomes ubiquitous.

But bigger changes are yet to come as telecom operators are partnering and even supporting the very transformations that innovative and disruptive startups are bringing to their business. Well, at least some of them are and Telekom is one well known for his accelerations and incubation programs, VC funding and now even private equity investments in the tech area.

So we talked with Alina Cazacu, Senior Manager Non Core E-activities at Telekom Romania to better understand how can a big telecom juggernaut and small disruptive startups can benefit from one another. (see more)